Our Mission

" To introduce a Tech fashion movement with core values of spreading positivity, self expression and making your mark wherever you are "

From Dubai to the world

Our story began in the heart of Dubai, one of the world’s growing tech hubs. Working in a corporate world, many of us find ourselves looking for something to style up our daily outfits and look different. Have you ever stacked your devices next to each other and wondered why you couldn't find premium and stylish protection for them? We wondered & looked around but couldn't find that so we decided to make our own!

A Personalized experience

Our goal is to create a sense of connection between you and your daily belongings in a way where you can truly personalize them, match their colors and wrap them in our full grain premium leather.

Message from the founder

"We are here to make an impact. An impact that touches your life daily. Our commitment is to offer you an unmatched experience and be honored with your satisfaction. Taking your feedback is a priority for us and allows us to offer you the products that you love."

Mohammed Ayesh